A resolution is a firm decision to do or not to do something . . . which is often easier said than done.

The New Year is an opportunity for us to implement some positive changes to better our lives, and the lives around us.  We often make a promise to ourselves to do something differently in the New Year.

We can reflect and learn from the mistakes we made in 2022, allowing us to wipe the slate clean and behave in a more responsible manner in 2023.  The most common New Year’s Resolutions are to: lose weight, exercise, start a new hobby, spend more time with family, get more organized or improve finances, diet, or relationships.  Or you could be considering quitting smoking or perhaps to drink less alcohol.

A lot of these resolutions relate to our health and wellness, which is why I believe that Insurance should also be on that list.  Many of us can improve on our health in one aspect or another, and we recognize what will happen if we don’t take care of ourselves.  However, not everyone realizes that health is what buys insurance.  While we should always focus on living a healthier life, we should also consider buying insurance at a time when our health allows.

Setting goals at the start of a New Year is something that I have always believed in. This year, one of my resolutions is to ensure that I do a better job helping my clients keep the discussion of insurance on the table.  I know how easy it can be to procrastinate such a purchase, no matter how important we feel it is to have.

We all know that change is difficult.  Getting up early to exercise may be easy at first, however sticking with that habit can be very challenging for many.

Here are some tips that I have learned to help make certain habits stick.

  • Have a deeper understanding why the change is necessary. Telling yourself that you need to work out to be healthy isn’t good enough.  You need to dig a bit deeper, and really think about why living a healthier life is so important to you.  What will your future look like if you don’t make necessary changes?  Use this as motivation to encourage yourself to invest into your health today to live a better life in the future.
  • Commit to 30 Days.  Create consistency by blocking time off in your calendar every day.  It will be easier to stick with a habit that you commit to daily versus a couple times a week.  Instead of saying I will work out 60 minutes a couple times per week, start with a 20-minute daily workout and build on that.
  • Never miss more than two days.  I read this in the book Atomic Habit, by James Clear.  If you miss your workout one day, make sure you don’t miss it the next.   You should forgive yourself for falling off that horse and get right back on.  Don’t throw in the towel and decide to stay down. Tell yourself that it’s ok that you missed a day and remind yourself that you are not going to start from the beginning just because you missed one day.
  • Link the habit with something you enjoy.  For example, you can only listen to your favourite podcast when you are working out.  This will make the task easier as you get to do something you truly enjoy at the same time.

If you have loved ones who count on you for financial support, your top resolution should be to get life insurance to protect them if something happens to you.  

Unfortunately, I had someone interested in purchasing insurance who recently passed away.   He left behind a wife and two young kids who depended on him for financial support.   These are the types of situations that keep me up at night and why I am so passionate in trying to help prevent other families from going through a similar situation.   Life can be unexpected at times, which is why I feel insurance is so important.

Research shows that 80% of people abandon their New Year Resolutions by Mid-February.  Personally, I always feel better when I accomplish my goals. Let us help you with yours!

Procrastination is one of the biggest threats to any New Year Resolution.  Sometimes we need a little bit of a push. You can try this 2-minute habit building hack.  If it’s going to take less than 2-minutes, do it right away. 

  • It will take you less than two minutes to schedule a virtual appointment with me by using my Online Calendar.
  • If you’re not ready to act today, no problem! Alternatively, reach out at jeff@secureplan.ca when you are ready or just let me know when I should reach out to you.

Please remember that health buys insurance, and when you know you need it, it may already be too late to get it. As an insurance broker, there’s nothing worse than when someone needs my help when I’m no longer able to help them.

Regardless of whether Insurance is on your New Year’s Resolution list or not, we want to wish you the best with whatever new changes you may choose to make in 2023!