We Care About Your Benefits

Benefits are a tax-effective way to compensate your employees and it’s something that your employees value.   It’s our job to care about your benefits program to ensure that you are always providing the best possible coverage to your employees that your budget allows.

Why You Should Care About Benefits

Potential employees want a comprehensive compensation package which includes benefits.  Having a benefits program will help you attract and retain top talent to your organization and could be the difference between a job candidate accepting the position or not.  Benefits can also help reduce sick days since employees with benefits are more likely to obtain treatment.  A healthy employee is a productive employee.  Most importantly, investing into a well-designed benefits package can help boost employee satisfaction and productivity, as it demonstrates that you care about their health and wellbeing.

Why Your Employees Care About Benefits

While healthcare in Canada provides access to doctors and emergency treatment, it most definitely does not cover everything.  Without a benefit plan your employees must pay for these medical bills with their after-tax income.   In certain circumstances the cost for medical care can be incredibly high-priced causing unwanted stress and financial strain to employees and their families.

Tailored Advice

As an independent benefits advisor, we are able to build a customized solution tailored to your business.  It starts with understanding your business, and we can even help you identify what benefits your employees care about the most.

White Glove Service

We will be your single point of contact for all billing, administration and claims inquiries.  This “white-glove” service will be appreciated by your plan administrator and employees.  As a trusted advisor we will ensure that service standards are always being met and adhered to.

Easy-to-Use System

As a Third-Party Administrator we use a sophisticated web-based Benefits Management System (via SmartChoice Admin Inc.) that brings simplicity, affordability and flexibility to benefits administration.  This provides you with the freedom to choose best in class benefits from multiple carriers and integrate them seamlessly into your benefits as one.  It also provides you with the freedom to change carriers in the future without the need to re-enroll your employees.

Reduced Costs

Already have benefits? We can take a behind-the-scenes look at your current coverage and pricing.  It is not uncommon for us save our clients 10% – 20% or more on their overall benefits program.  Our simplified web-based processes reduce administration time and resources which leads to cost savings that are passed on to you.  We continuously audit the cost of coverage and claims to help ensure that you will never have a significant unexpected cost increase at time of renewal.


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