Life Insurance is not everyone’s favourite topic of conversation, but if someone depends on you financially, it’s one conversation that shouldn’t be avoided.

In the event of a tragedy, life insurance proceeds can:

  • Pay off outstanding debt, including your mortgage and credit cards
  • Help pay the ongoing living expenses of your loved ones
  • Protect your spouse’s retirement plans
  • Pay for funeral costs
  • Continue a family business
  • Pass on an inheritance to your loved ones
  • To establish a fund to provide income for an individual you wish to support
  • To make a donation to charity
  • To provide liquidity in an estate to pay off liabilities such as taxes or mortgages
  • Maximize the value of your estate
  • Fund a buyout agreement for your business

It is our job to have the conversation with you, educate you on your options and make recommendations on the right type of Life Insurance and coverage amount for you. Then, it’s your decision!

There is a myriad of options to choose from, but we promise to make it easy to decide the plan type and benefit amount that is right for you. Below is a glimpse of what is available to you, although there are many variations of each type of Life Insurance.

Let’s work together to answer three simple questions:

  1. Do you need Life Insurance?
  2. How much do you need?
  3. What type should you buy?

As insurance brokers, we will conduct a full market survey of top Canadian insurance companies to find the best rates and products in the market for you.

We’re here for you! Contact us today to discuss your options.