We are sharing exciting news from Manulife Vitality! Manulife Vitality has a new partnership with Expedia to offer you rewards for living a healthy lifestyle.

Expedia will replace Hotels.com as Vitality travel rewards partner as of August 31st 2022.

What does this mean??

·      Expedia is a world travel leader, with more than a million hotels in 30+ countries.

·      More flexibility! With Expedia you can get up to $1,000 in savings per program year on two hotel bookings.

·      Double the rewards! If you haven’t maxed our your Hotels.com rewards, you have until August 31st to book your discounted stay. Your stay can happen after the cut-off date. You will also be able to use your Expedia rewards as soon as they become available!

*Reminder for our clients that still have Hotels.com rewards, you have until August 31st to take advantage of any remaining rewards. You need to book your stay before the cut off date to get your discount — your trip can happen anytime!

Interested in hearing more about Manulife Vitality Life Insurance and the many rewards they offer?? The above offer with Expedia is just one of many. Let’s connect to chat about how you can start living your longest, healthiest life with Manulife Vitality!