Being an insurance broker has nothing to do with how much you sell, it’s all about how much you care. The reward is knowing that you made a difference in helping people recover from the unexpected. This is why I always help, even at times when there is no compensation in return. A good example of this is how I recently helped someone who was having a difficult time with their claim. I offered my assistance and was able to speed up the process and had the claim approved a week later. Money will not make the problem go away, but it does help eliminate the financial implications that can come along with an illness allowing one to focus solely on their recovery. I am very blessed to be in this industry as I do make a difference in the lives of others when they need it the most.


We all know that life can happen when we least expect it.  The question is, have you taken the time to plan for the unexpected?  The hardest part of my job is when I need to tell someone that it’s too late, and I can no longer help them obtain the coverage they so desperately need because they are already sick and no longer insurable.   Every time this happens, I can’t help to think to myself “Could I have made a difference in their lives if someone referred them to me before their illness?”.  Sadly, I think the answer would have been yes due to the fact that most simply just don’t understand or see the value in insurance until after we have met.


So why am I an insurance broker? It’s simply because I know how much insurance can help during difficult times.


By Jeff Romansky

CHS, CPCA Principal, SecurePlan Insurance Solutions


Jeff started his insurance career in 2006 by helping hundreds of insurance advisors grow their business by providing them with comprehensive advice, consultation and training.  After nine successful years, he decided to take his knowledge and start his own practice to ensure his clients are getting the best advice.