Have you ever sat down and thought about the importance of being able to earn an income? For most of us, isn’t it true that it is the ability to earn an income that provides for us?

I encourage you to watch this video which illustrates how important our income is and what we can do to help ensure that our income will still be there if life throws us an unexpected curveball.

I am a firm believer that you should insure those things that you can not replace. We have all heard the saying that money does not grow on trees. We all work extremely hard to make a decent living and you owe it to yourself to at least consider protecting your most valuable asset – the ability to earn an income.

Maybe you have LTD as a part of your group benefits – but has your current insurance advisor actually helped you understand how much it will actually provide you at time of claim? Do you know if it’s taxable or tax-free? What happens if you leave your employer?

Sure, some of us may also have WSIB, EI and CPP. Has your advisor helped you understand how limited these plans are when it comes to their disability benefits?

Maybe you are self-employed with no group benefits or government benefits. Has your advisor helped you understand how real the risk of disability is and how a disability could be devastating to your business?

Not all insurance brokers specialize or even discuss income protection with their clients. Maybe I will write a future blog on why this is, but for now – I strongly encourage you to at least talk to your advisor about how important a proper disability insurance plan really is.

Want to Learn More?

If you wanted to learn more about income protection, feel free to give me a call, and I will be happy to discuss. There is no cost or obligation and you will never feel pressured to buy when dealing with SecurePlan. Our objective is to educate you on your options, so you can make an informed decision if this coverage is essential to you or not.

By Jeff Romansky

CHS, CPCA Principal, SecurePlan Insurance Solutions


Jeff started his insurance career in 2006 when he joined RBC Insurance. During this time, he helped hundreds of insurance advisors grow their business by providing them with comprehensive advice, consultation and training. His commitment to building strong relationships, paired with his positive attitude and specialized expertise led him to win multiple awards including being #1 in his position throughout Canada on numerous occasions.

 After nine successful years at RBC Insurance, he decided to pursue his dream and start his firm to help professionals, executives and owner-managed businesses with their individual insurance and employee benefits. Jeff proudly serves clients throughout Southwestern Ontario and the GTA.

Jeff Romansky is a broker, so you can be confident that he is working for you and not the insurance company. He consultative approach is welcomed by his clients as they never feel pressured and are always correctly informed. When necessary, Jeff will work with or bring in trusted partners to meet your overall financial goals. He is committed to building long-term relationships with all his clients and viewed as a trusted partner to many.

Jeff’ resides in Grimsby with his wife and daughter. When Jeff isn’t hard at work, you can find him with friends on the golf course, curling rink or camping with his family.