What if I told you that luck isn’t a matter of chance, but a product of preparation and seizing the right opportunities?

In the world of insurance, we often talk about luck. Clients who have comprehensive coverage might consider themselves lucky, especially when others can’t secure the same due to pre-existing health conditions. The truth is, money doesn’t buy insurance – health does.

When adversity strikes, like a loved one falling ill or passing away, families often count their blessings. They are “lucky” not because of the circumstances but because their loved one was prepared. They had insurance in place, reducing financial stress and allowing the family to focus on recovery or grieving.

For high-net-worth individuals, diligent estate planning equates to luck for their children. Using insurance to reduce tax and manage liabilities, they’ve ensured a smooth transition of wealth and properties. The children have exactly the right amount of tax-free money at the right time – they’re lucky, right?

Well, it’s not just about luck, it’s about preparation. Life is unpredictable. While we hope to never face these adversities, it’s crucial to be prepared.

So, as we navigate through this journey, let’s create our own luck. Let’s plan, prepare, and protect what matters most to us.